About Us

Our Mission ...

The Heera Foundation aims to narrow the gap between mental health and mindfulness provision and its accessibility. We believe in the importance of the wellbeing of one’s mind and that nothing can dim the light that shines within. Every parent has a heera (diamond) that deserves to prosper in life. Let’s help develop resilience and encourage strength in the face of fear or pain; creating a positive, buoyant and ever-evolving mindset with our future generations. We need to accept that it is courageous to admit that one can find themselves feeling vulnerable due to the pressures of expectation and everyday life; it is also acceptable for one to seek support in order to rebuild, rejuvenate and strengthen one’s mind.

We have seen a shocking increase in tragedies due to mental health issues; we need to remove the stigma of ‘besthi’ and shame associated with Mental Health within our community and raise awareness of what provision is accessible for families and for those suffering alone. Mental health is an illness and every illness requires treatment. Why are we not fully aware of the steps that we should take? If aware, why are we not tapping into the resources that are available to help? It’s time for a cultural change and time to make that difference to the lives of many. We believe that once you become fearless, life will become limitless.

Let’s spread this word and unite together to make the difference that we need. With your kindness, we will be able to provide support and guidance for those in darkness and spread that ray of hope and mindfulness. Let our diamonds continue to shine...

The Heera Foundation has been networking with existing organisations which support and guide communities and individuals on mental health issues. We have liaised with various organisations, including Papyrus - 'Prevention of Young Suicide', Maytree - a sanctuary for the suicidal and MIND in Birmingham, to deepen our own knowledge and insight into what support is available when one is suffering. As part of this journey, we have created a mental health support card detailing key contacts, telephone numbers and websites for anyone to access at any point should they feel vulnerable. The aim of our card is to enable a person in need to talk to someone who will understand. We need to talk openly about mental health and remove all stigma within our communities. It is good to seek help and guidance in a time of darkness and The Heera Foundation wants to show you that ray of hope.

We will be distributing our card, with the help of Midland Langar Seva Society and the Jet Singh Trust, who are kindly supporting our cause.

Please could you also help us share The Heera Foundation Support Card, via Facebook and other social media platforms. Thank you.