9th December 2018 - Coventry Gurdwara Guru Nanak Parkash.

The Heera Foundation thanks Committee members and sangat for hosting our mental health and mindfulness drop in clinic at The Guru Nanak Parkash Gurdwara. The positive engagement and responses were overwhelming and our team were proud to signpost members of the community to key organisations. Thank you to Dr Bilkhoo for providing an overview of mental health conditions and to Satveer Nijjar for sharing her own struggle with Mental Health and her journey-very inspiring and moving. Thank you to MIND, Papyrus, Sikh Forgiveness, Taraki, Doterra, Raj Bassi -CBT and the team from ‘Improving Access to Psychological Therapies.’ Thank you also for all members of the Sangat who wish to volunteer with us- this much appreciated and valued in making our mission possible. A special thanks to The Sikh Channel for filming this event to ensure our word is spread far and wide.

27th October 2018 - West Bromwich Albion Football Club

Whatever the weather - from sunny spells to the artic conditions endured today - The Heera Foundation is out there spreading our message on Mental Health and Mindfulness! Thank you to all West Bromwich Albion Fans and Football Club for such a fantastic welcome with the fanzone today. We were able to distribute so many resources- support cards, thoughts and feelings cards and stickers which promote wellbeing and signpost towards existing organisations that are there to help. It certainly was a family affair!

29th September 2018 - Coventry City Football Club

Wow! Thank you to Coventry City Football Club for supporting The Heera Foundation at match day today- Coventry City v Sunderland! We were working alongside MIND, It Takes Balls To Talk, The Recovery and Wellbeing Academy and The Matt Palmer Trust! Thank you for the opportunity to present our mission on raising awareness of Mental Health Support and Mindfulness, for having our logo on pre match players’ shirts and presenting The Heera Foundation dvd on the big screen during half time. Speaking to so many people was heartwarming! You’ve certainly provided us with the opportunity to say out loudly that IT’s OK NOT TO BE OK and LET OUR DIAMONDS continue to SHINE.

12th August 2018 - Suicide Prevention Presentation

The Heera Foundation held another of many of it's Suicide Prevention Presentation. This presentation was held at the Bibi Nanaki Gurdwara, Rockery Road, Handsworth, Birmingham.We would like to thank you to the Bebe Nanaki Gurdwara for hosting our mental health and mindfulness awareness event today. Thank you also to Permjit Kaur from sikh helpline, Sikh helpline, Gobinderjit Kaur and her team from Sikh Your Mind, Owen from Mind, Jasbinder Saikhon from Your Saheli, Manny and Gindy from Taraki as well as Gurj Toor, Amos Dhami and Jas Rai from the Sikh Recovery Network. Together we can make a difference.

11th July 2018 - The Sikh and Punjabi Taboo Forum

We held a very successful event which was key for raising awareness. Well done Kiran Kaur Grewal for successful organisation and planning. The Heera Foundation was privileged to have been invited to be on the panel. A huge thank you to all the panellists including Shuranjeet Takhar, Neelam Heera and Permjit Kaur from the Sikh Helpline. It was a tremendous effort and real engagement from the community. Thank you also to Men Tell Health and a lead on Cognitive behavioural Therapy -very informative. The event enabled questions and answers as well as a platform to network around Mental Health awareness. A huge well done for a hugely successful event. Thank you once again to Poppy at Safs and Gurj Toor for your continued support.

24th June 2018 - Mental Health and Mindfulness Drop In Clinic

The Heera Foundation held a mental health and mindfulness drop-in clinic at the Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Smethwick. We gave out our key mental health support cards and posters so we were able to signpost towards key organisations that we believe provide the best expert help for those suffering from poor mental health. We also talked about art thearapy, mindfulness, managing stress and anxiety and we also held some yoga sessions. We believe our first drop-in clinic was a great success and has really helped in connecting with the community and breaking the stigma around Mental Health and Mindfulness.

9th June 2018 - Streetly Summer Fete in Sutton Coldfield Birmingham.

The Heera Foundation had an amazing weekend in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham where we took part in the wonderful Streetly Summer Fete. We enjoyed a sun filled day networking, where we have been able to connect with the wider community and and share our message and break the stigma regarding Mental Health and Mindfulness. A huge thank you to the support from the Streetly community.

25th May 2018 - The Heera Foundation stall at the Khalsa Football Federation Tournament

A huge thank you to the khalsa Football Federation for enabling the Heera Foundation team to raise awareness of Mental Health and Mindfulness in May 2018. Thank you for the networking opportunities that have arisen as a resut of this day! A particular thanks to Mark Whait-Chairman of the Alliance Football League in Leicester who has offered to work with The Heera Foundation to give Mental Health, a silent killer, LOUD voice.

20th May 2018 - Second Suicide Prevention Presentation

The Heera Foundation attended the Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara in Smethwick to provide a suicide prevention presentation, which allowed us to connect with the local community while spreading our message about ending the stigma around mental health.

25th February 2018 - Suicide Prevention Presentation

The Heera Foundation was invited to the the Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Smethwick on Sunday 25th February 2018 to attend a presentation on the prevention of suicide as well as to promote the work that The Heera Foundation is embarking on. We were given the opportunity to raise awareness of mental health and mindfulness within the heart of our community and able to talk and listen to the sangat.