December 2019 - Mindfulness Walk

We held a Mindfulness walk and placed beautifully decorated stones with positive messages on throughout Bradgate Park to reward everyone for attending and also positively promote walking outside in the fresh air and nature. The stones were left in the natural beauty for others to collect and be surprised!

'Such a beautiful relaxing walk this weekend! Refreshing, rejuvenating and just what we needed! Thank you to The Heera Foundation friends and family for your continued support.'

2nd November 2019 - Our Conference

The Heera Foundation held its first Protecting Mind” conference in November. It was most rewarding to bring all key organisations together at this event created to raise awareness of Menatl Health support and mindfulness. The conference was a great success; It was a very informative, engaging, thought provoking and emotional day. With a range of keynote speakers and workshop leads, we were able to break the stigma around mental health and raise greater awareness and better understanding about where to gain support.

June 2019 - Khalsa Football Federation

A great day today at the Khalsa Football Federation tournament in Walsall. Thank you for the opportunity to raise awareness of Mental Health support and Mindfulness. We were able to distribute support cards, as well as sell amazing homemade products as part of our fundraising. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your amazing journeys.

May 2019 - Mental Health awareness presentations at the Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara in Leicester.

Another hugely successful event organised by The Heera Foundation to raise awareness of Mental Health Support and Mindfulness within the community. We are so grateful to the Guru Tegh Bahadur Committee and sangat for their vast support in breaking stigma, providing the opportunity for stage time as well as lead our Mindfulness demonstration by Pam Sidhu from Learn 2 Rest. Thank you also to Adhar, Papyrus, Turning Point, Sikh Helpline and Indy Essence for sharing the worthwhile work that they do relating to mental health and mindfulness support and strategies. It’s ok NOT to be ok.

31st March 2019 - Ramgharia Community Centre

Today The Heera Foundation had the opportunity to raise awareness of Mental Health Support and Mindfulness at the Ramgharia Community Centre in Birmingham. Great collaboration and networking.

Additionally, lovely seeing amazing artwork -Amandeep’s work has been described by many as having ‘a healing quality.’ One of her favourite pieces refers to a quote from the Gurbani- ‘Manjeet te Jagjeet’ translated as ‘When you truely conquer the mind, you can conquer the world.’ So deep and so meaningful when we consider mindset.

24th February 2019 - Guru Amar Das Gurdwara, Leicester

A huge thank you from The Heera Foundation to the Guru Amar Das Gurdwara, Clarendon Park, Leicester. With your support, we were able to distribute our Mental Health support card to over 1000 people and even run a Mindfulness demonstration.

A huge thanks to The Heera Foundation volunteers, Shuranjeet Takhar from Pam Sidhu for her mindfulness expertise, Melanie from Papyrus and Baljinder Penji for your collaboration in making this opportunity possible. 💎

19th February 2019 - Sikh Channel

A massive thank you to Sukhi Kaur and The Sikh Channel team for providing The Heera Foundation with yet another opportunity to raise awareness of Mental Health Support and Mindfulness. The Heera Foundation believes that every small step will make a huge difference in our mission- thank you. Let’s work collaboratively to dispel stigma and cultural barriers relating to mental health- let’s protect the minds of our HEERE, diamonds. A special thanks to Dr Lalitaa for your expert knowledge too. 💎

It was certainly a bonus meeting Davinder Singh Bal, chairman of The Sikh Channel organisation, gaining a tour of the studio as well as having a deep and meaningful discussion relating to Mental Health awareness