Our 2019 Conference

Our 2019 Conference: Protecting Minds

We held our first ever Conference on 2nd November 2019, at the Ramada Hotel in Sutton Coldfield. The aim of our conference was to help spread awareness of mental health and break the stigma around mental health support and mindfulness.

At our conference we had many different speakers and workshops available for guests to learn all about different approaches to mental health and mindfulness. (Profiles on right).

Have a read of our Programme from the Conference:


We had some inspiring and informative talks all day covering a variety of topics surrounding mental health from Suicide to the relationship we hold with ourselves. The conference talks also allowed a variety of alternate perspective to be presented on issues as we had talks from a Psychologist, Councillor, Learning and Development Officer and key charity leads.

In the afternoon, we had 8 different workshops running in small groups all across the hotel with each workshop being run by professionals who were able to engage, inform and educate each of their attendees in their small groups on their fields. Guests were able to leave learning new concepts and approaches to a variety issues from anxiety and bereavement to mindfulness and meditation.

The conference also provided a great networking opportunity as we had 12 stalls run by different companies and individuals who all provided fascinating expertise in their fields. All of our team, our guests and other speakers and workshops hosts were all able to interact and network with one another creating some amazing connections and long standing relations across communities and fields of work.

We are so grateful for not only having the opportunity to curate this incredible conference but also to have such support from the community and those who work in the field of mental health. As a team, we were able to reflect on how far we have progressed and the impact we are able to drive to individuals within the community.