5th July 2020 - Journalling Webinar

We held our first virtual webinar where we focused on Journalling, with participants from across the globe! Our webinar creatively introduced journalling and was aimed at 8 - 12 year olds. We openly talked about our thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as different coping strategies. We explored the importance of growth and how we can learn from our difficult experiences. We all practiced writing about our feelings and how we overcame negative feelings and all reflected on what we learned from these experiences.

22nd February - Anxiety and Depression Workshop

We held our free Anxiety and Depression Workshop at All Saints Parish Church in Streetly alongside counselling expert Gubbs Singh from My Solution Wellbeing. We had a beautiful turn-out and were so pleased to see such a positive engagement from all attendees, that really drove home the true impact of Mental Health awareness. This informative session was able to look at the triggers of everyday life and how it links to both of the most widespread Mental Health problems, we were able to listen to personal experiences and truly gauge how consuming Mental Health can truly be and why appropriate support and intervention is absolutely key. We were able to disseminate our support card to allow the message of help and assistance to those who need is available and it is okay to not be okay.

8th February 2020 - Coffee, Cake and Chat

We launched the first of many of our Protecting Minds 2020 sessions to be held at All Saints Parish Church in Streetly. Our first session: 'Coffee, Cake and Chat' focused on us, as a charity, and our tragic story but also the mass journey we've embarked on as part of building The Heera Foundation. We were able to share our motivation and passion to make a difference to the lives of many. Finally, we set out our community based plans for future events in and around Streetly as part of our Protecting Minds 2020 Project where we aim to educate the community on Mental Health Support and Mindfulness.