Let's talk about domestive violence in South Asian culture

23rd August 2022 by Manjot Sihra

Trigger warning: domestic violence. This post is in honour of Mandeep Kaur, and many other women from all cultures experiencing severe domestic abuse, both in the past and present. Our thoughts are always with you 🤍🕊

When we think of domestic violence, we may think that we couldn’t possibly perpetuate this abuse (myself included). In an ideal world, this would be true.

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20th June 2020 by Raj K Johal (MBPsS)

An insight into what it means to be kind, and how you can use it to improve other people’s and your own happiness and well-being. There is a plethora of research surrounding kindness, I would like to touch upon the field of positive psychology, which is defined as ‘the scientific study of what makes life most worth living’ (Peterson, 2008). Positive psychologist researchers analyse how positive emotions like gratitude, love, and joy impact our wellbeing and improve our lives.

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28th May 2020 by Amrita Sohal

The current situation hit us completely unexpectedly and shook up our lives in ways most of us weren’t prepared for. It’s completely natural to feel out of your depth and experience difficulty in adjusting. I felt like a fish out of water when all of this began, but as time progressed, I came to feel more content and at peace. I thought I’d share a few things that I have learnt and have used to help me find peace and balance through lockdown…

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